Reno Area Pests

Some times when we go out to do Jobs we have to use quit a bit of expensive product. These costs are starting to mount. Recently a monthly service was done by one of the techs where he had to put out 40 contract blocks. The monthly service charge was $40. After paying the techs [...]

Bed Bugs are insects that feed exclusively on blood. Bed bugs are not a native pest to the Reno area. Which means they must be introduced. Introduction most typically takes place, when a person stays the night, at a place with a Bed Bug infestation, then stays at your house. They can come back with [...]

There are several different species of Ant in the Reno area. Some are harmless while others can do quite a bit of damage. Aka “Sugar Ants” because they have a ‘sweet tooth’. Carpenter Ants mainly eat other insects, fruit juices, carbohydrates & honey dew from aphids therefore they can usually be found close to these kind [...]

Spiders are a very common pest in the Reno area. Although most spiders in the area are completely harmless there are some that can be dangerous. The Black widow spider is very common in Reno, they are very easily distinguished from other spiders by their black abdomen, long black legs and red hourglass shape on [...]

It’s not possible to eliminate weeds with just one application of weed killer therefore you must set up a ‘management program’ that adjusts to the needs of your property on a seasonal basis. Pre-Emergent Herbicide is designed to control germinating weed seeds, not to control pre-existing weeds. Meaning that treatment should begin before the weeds emerge [...]

During the winter insects & trees will go into their dormant stage, but before they do, the insects will lay their eggs on the trees branches & leaves so when spring arrives they hatch and eat the new growth on the trees. One way to prevent these pests from hatching & devouring a healthy tree is [...]

Moths are mainly a nocturnal insect related to butterflies. There is thought to be 160,000 species of Moth and we handle ALL types.  

Brown Recluses primarily feed on insects, but they will bite a human if they feel threatened or are accidentally pinched against human skin. If bitten it may not be painful or even noticed at first, but being bitten can be very serious. The Brown Recluse is not native to the area, but we have heard [...]

The Mormon Cricket is a large insect that can grow up to 3 inches in length and is flightless. The males of this species chirp and the females have a long ovipositor that looks like a stinger, but its not. It actually allows females to push thru dirt so they can lay their eggs under [...]

Moles are considered to be an agricultural pest. They live under ground & their burrowing creates surface tunnels and/or molehills that kill lawns and pastures. Moles create tunnels for 2 purposes, traveling & feeding. Their feeding areas are marked by clusters of hills & shallow tunnels. A single Mole can dig up to 20 yards [...]