Reno Area Pests

About 30 species of Cockroaches are associated with human habitats, but only 4 are known as pests. They are referred to as the ‘dirty’ insect. Cockroaches are┬ásocial insects that prefer warm conditions and are found within building structures. They hide in the dark & run away when exposed to light. Cockroaches live in large groups [...]

Basement Centipedes aka House Centipedes are basically harmless to humans, but they sure are scary looking! Basement Centipedes prefer to live in cool, damp places such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens & crawl spaces. They have up to 15 pairs of legs with a set of antenna that gives them the appearance of being 3-4 inches [...]

Boxelder bugs are harmless, they’re more of a nuisance then anything. They live on vegetation such as trees during warm months (mainly female Boxelder trees), but as fall approaches & it gets colder outside they start to make their way indoors to hibernate, usually in walls and they enter in large numbers. When the heating [...]