Bed Bugs are insects that feed exclusively on blood. Bed bugs are not a native pest to the Reno area. Which means they must be introduced. Introduction most typically takes place, when a person stays the night, at a place with a Bed Bug infestation, then stays at your house. They can come back with you thru fibers on your clothes or in your luggage. They can also be introduced via a neighbor, with a Bed Bug infestation, that has an a joining wall such as a condo or apartment.

Full grown Bed Bugs are brown, oval shaped and are about 1/4 inch long.

Reno Pest Control Bed Bug

Bed Bugs will change shape and color depending on if they have been fed or not. A Bed Bug that has not eaten will be brown, oval shaped and flat. When they are full, they will be black, and narrow, and not nearly as flat.

Sierra Pest Control Reno Feeding Bed Bugs

Feeding Bed Bugs


Sierra Pest Control Reno Bed Bug Lifecycle

Bed Bug Lifecycle

Baby Bed Bugs will be much smaller, white when unfed, they will have a red abdomen when fed.sierrapestcontrolreno fed baby bed bug

Bed Bugs will live in close proximity to a host for feeding. Most typically they will be found on mattresses or box springs and will lay their eggs there. They can also be found in chairs, night stands, dressers and behind pictures on the walls.

Sierra Pest Control Reno Bed Bugs on mattress

Bed Bugs on mattress

Bed bug Bites are painless, but itchy and can resemble spider bites or chicken pox and they will heal within a week. You can seek medical attention to make your recovery more comfortable. An adult Bed Bug can live for 12-15 months without feeding.

Sierra Pest Control Reno Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

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