Moles are considered to be an agricultural pest. They live under ground & their burrowing creates surface tunnels and/or molehills that kill lawns and pastures.

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Moles create tunnels for 2 purposes, traveling & feeding. Their feeding areas are marked by clusters of hills & shallow tunnels. A single Mole can dig up to 20 yards of tunnel in a day. Their molehills are results of the earth they have mined away and large molehills are usually where their nest is located.

Moles are mainly solitary creatures that eat nuts and small invertebrates, mainly earthworms. They will scrape away the soil surrounding plants in search of food thus leaving no nourishment resources for the plants so they end up dying.

The mating season for a Mole is in early spring, February-March. The male Mole (Boar) squeals in a high pitched tone in search for a female (Sow). Afterwards the Sow Mole then gives birth to between 2 and 6 pups. A month after birth, the pups become independent and find their own tunneling territories. Their life span will be from 4-7 years.

Most Mole issues consist of only 1 Mole creating damage in an area. If you have 2 different areas that have fresh mole activity that practically popped up overnight then its likely you have more then 1 Mole on site. Their average population density can consist of 3-5 Moles per acre.

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