The house mouse is the most common & troublesome pest in the United States. They can cause damage to your building structure & health.

The House Mouse is a small rodent that’s usually no more than 4 inches in size and they are usually brown or grey although black or white is not uncommon. Males & females are similar in appearance unless closely examined.

House mice live in human dwellings due to their survival rate. They have access to food & shelter more easily in a home then in the wilderness although some mice will live right outside of the structure, but still close enough to their food source.

House mice can reproduce all year round and each female can have 10 litters, each litter can have 14 offspring. Therefore they multiply very quickly.

Mice are sensitive to light & aren’t usually active till the sun has gone down however if they live inside of your walls then they have no concern for the light & will be active at all times of the day.

House mice are herbivores & so their diet consists of mainly grains & fruits or anything of a non-meat substance. Once they have gotten into your food supply they will also leave their droppings or urine in your food which is toxic to your health. They can also spread diseases.

Mice will chew holes into your walls, doors, insulation, clothing, cables & electrical cords which could result in an accidental fire.

Once mice have gotten into your building it is extremely difficult to get them out. You can try traps or poisons, but that can be toxic to yourself, children & pets. One of the easiest ways to get rid of them is to call a pest exterminator like ourselves, we guarantee our work.