Pigeons are a harmless animal, but their presence can cause quite a nuisance. They are commonly referred to as a “rat with wings”.

Sierra Pest Control Pigeons


A Pigeons diet mainly consists of seeds & fruit therefore they can be found where there is an abundance of this resource. However they will also consume any littered food left by humans.

Pigeons are loud with their ‘cooing’ sounds, they leave their droppings all over building structures, side walks, equipment and statues. Once they’re inside a structure you can hear them scratching & building sloppy nests for their young. Pigeons will reuse their nest & they don’t carry away their feces like other birds do which means that over time the nest will turn into a pot-like mound (sometimes sealing in unhatched eggs & mummies of their deceased young).

Sierra Pest Control Pigeon nest & feces

Pigeon nest & feces

Once you are sure that all of the birds have left the nest, you’ll want to clean out what they left behind & then seal off the nook they squeezed into.

If you continue having a problem with these pests you can contact us for bird control. We will use a bird exclusion as a physical deterrent where we put up a spike system in order to deter them from roosting, nesting, or landing on the premises.

Sierra Pest Control Bird Exclusion

Bird Exclusion