A Silverfish is a small wingless insect with a fish like appearance as it moves. They are harmless to humans, but can cause damage.

Sierra Pest Control Silverfish


Silverfish are agile runners whom avoid light and can live for 2-8 years. A female can lay up to 60 eggs at a time which usually hatch between 2 weeks & 2 months. They can lay eggs year round and some species lay eggs daily. They can be found in attics, laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms, & kitchens.

Silverfish are nocturnal so you probably wont see them during the day, but they will leave signs of their presence behind. They shed their skin often so you can find their empty casings laying around and their excrement left behind (looks like black pepper). They also leave small holes or yellow stains on cardboard and fabric materials.

Silverfish consume paper, carpet, clothing, hair, sugar, paint, dry foods, coffee & much more. Plus they can live for a year or longer without food!

Silverfish are sneaky insects that like to stay hidden so its relatively hard to know how bad of an infestation you have. One way to monitor an infestation would be to wrap the outside of a mason jar in masking tape, leaving the sticky side exposed, and set it next to an area where foraging is likely. The insects climb up the jar, fall in, and cant climb out due to the slippery sides.

If you have a Silverfish infestation that you would like taken care of, please give us a call.