Wolf Spiders are the most abundant spider in the US.

Sierra Pest Control Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spiders usually live alone & have excellent eye sight. They hunt during the day & night by pouncing on their prey & they will sometimes chase it over short distances. They can reach a speed of 2 feet per second.

Wolf Spiders make their way indoors during the fall season looking for a warm place to spend the winter. They tend to hang out next to windows or doors, house plants, humid basements, and garages. They do not set up webs, instead they roam the perimeter stalking their prey.

Female Wolf Spiders carry the large egg sac of their unborn on their spinneret at the end of their abdomen, which contains several dozen babies. A mother with an egg sac is more aggressive then usual. Immediately after the spiderlings emerge they climb up her legs and she carriesĀ them on her back til they’re half grown (which is about several days). Afterwards they will disperse aerially which gives them a wide range of distribution. Males will live for a year or less while females will live for several years longer.

Sierra Pest Control Wolf Spider w/spiderlings

Female Wolf Spider carrying her spiderlings

A Wolf Spiders eyes will reflect light if you shine a flashlight on them, this helps them to hunt better in the dark. This will also help you to decipher what type of spider your dealing with.

Wolf Spiders are not poisonous however they have a sharp, venomous bite that will cause redness, swelling, mild pain & itching. Symptoms usually last for only a few minutes while others may get a wound that lastsĀ for a few days.

To prevent Wolf Spiders from entering your home make sure you seal cracks, close windows & doors. Also take precautions against the insects that they eat to further prevent them from coming inside.